Bruce Beasley is among the most established sculptors in the nation. He lives and works in Oakland, California, and his work is exhibited throughout the world.

At the age of 21 he became the youngest artist to ever have work collected by New York's Museum of Modern Art. Since then, Beasley's sculptures have been collected by 30 of the world's best known art museums, including: The Guggenheim, NY; The Los Angeles County Museum of Art; The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; The Musee National d'Art Modern, Paris; and most recently The National Museum of China.

Beasley describes himself as a “classical modernist,” meaning that his work uses the visual language of shape, line and color. The formal concepts for his works stem from natural sources, such as the large and unusual cliff formations of Monument Valley in Arizona. Of particular interest are crystals, molecular structures or bones that stir his creative process. Based on the simplest stereometric bodies such as cubes, pillars, and columns, he creates his sculptures with combinations that are either characterized by a block-like, static unity or the quality of enveloping space in a manner that seems to defy gravity.

He was one of 12 artists chosen internationally to create monumental sculptures for the Beijing Olympic Games. He has recently installed a 70 foot tall sculpture for the City of Monterrey, Mexico, and he has just been chosen to create a monumental stainless steel sculpture for the upcoming Shanghai Expo in 2010.

A 168 page four color catalogue on Beasley's work is available at Kouros Gallery.