Dodson has taught photography at Pratt Institute, CUNY Queens College and AKTO Art & Design (Greece). A published essayist on photography and culture, she is the New York correspondent for PHOTOgraphos Magazine, a journal based in Athens. Dodson has exhibited widely in Greece, where she has been the subject of several one-person shows. Her work is included in numerous public and private collections.

In her recent photographs Laura Dodson conjures up mutable, romantic environments by choreographing ephemera reclaimed from toy chests, sidewalks, waste baskets and dinner table scraps.

Whereas she once captured fleeting moments with her camera, Dodson now synthesizes her enigmatic narratives in the digital darkroom: "When you move to the studio from the street, the world in all its unpredictability is no longer at your disposal and you run the risk of becoming static. You have to create a tempest in your laboratory. I engage the symbolic language of objects, movement and shifting spaces, aqueous colors and distorted shapes, always in the hope that creative control will vie with the thrill of chance.”

Dodson's images embrace artifice but are unafraid to explore fraught and sometimes disturbing emotional states. Christy Papadopoulou notes in The Athens News that they “hook the viewer with their paradoxical marriage of the beautiful and the macabre.” NY-based art critic Mario Naves has written that Dodson applies a "jeweler's-style attention to detail" and possesses an "uncanny ability to clarify physical sensation and psychological tension."

Laura Dodson lives and works in Manhattan, and Athens, Greece.

One Person Exhibitions (selected)

“Between States” Kouros Gallery, New York 2010
“Still Creatures”: Gallery 7, Athens, Greece 2008
“Intimate Planet”: Galerie 3, Athens, Greece 2005
"Eye Candy": Galerie 3, Athens, Greece 2002
"Plastic Present": Art Athina, Athens, Greece 2000
"Faces in Squares": Metamorphosis Art Center, Salonica, Greece 1998
"Framing a Man": Mylos Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece 1994