Katerina Kaloudi

On the path of the art of photography, what I am seeking is not an image. It is not an idea. It is the recreation of an inner state, of a feeling that takes place at a unique moment between the self and the world around.

The creation of this type of relationship between the self and the outside world requires the acceptance of solitude and personal silence, in order for this very sensitive contact to manifest. Such a feeling arose in me when I found myself surrounded by the Cycladic sculptured rock forms, in the transparent greek light, with only the sounds from the sea and the wind.

In this natural beauty and wilderness, I felt my breath become deep, my body relax and my thoughts cease their furious pace in my mind and all around. I gradually felt as if nature and I had developed a silent dialogue. The rocky forms were transformed into feminine existences, which sometimes had a sensual, curvy body and other times drifted around me like souls.
Thus, they narrated to me secrets of an eternal life.

--Katerina Kaloudi