Culture & Peace

June 9 - July 2, 2010


About the Artist

"It used to be that war was conducted for political reasons. However, since the 20th century, the purpose of war has changed to killing people. I think this trend can be symbolized by nuclear or atomic weapons. The idea of (these) weapons is simply mass murders. I think only if we can eliminate this idea can we attain true peace."

-- Takashi Hiraoka, The 31st & 32nd Mayor of Hiroshima, Japan

* * *

"Peace is always a possibility, if enough people care, if enough people want it, otherwise...the planet will die. It's that simple."

-- Edward Albee

Zero Higashida's mother lived through the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

The tales she told him about the day that changed the world have had a profound and lasting affect on his work and life.

This Exhibition Celebrates

START 2010
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

“Just one step on a longer journey."
-- Barack Obama, 2010

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