Daniel Brustlein



Daniel Brustlein, Biala's husband and companion until his death in 1996, was born in the Alsatian town of Mulhouse in 1904. He became a U.S. citizen in 1933. His first solo exhibition in New York was mounted by the legendary Stable Gallery in 1955.

Brustlein's work is distinguished by a remarkable economy of form and an appealing delicacy of glowing color. In his review of a 1978 solo exhibition for The New York Times, the critic Hilton Kramer wrote that "in everything Brustlein paints there is a sensibility of great refinement" and of his having a "beautiful control over the precise emotion he wants [his chosen medium of oil paint] to convey".

His stark and figurative works share a concern for subject, for content, and for meaning with other abstract expressionist artists of the same generation. This deliberate intention toward the iconographic coming out of abstraction is best reflected in Brustlein's attempt to communicate fleeting impressions and situations visually.

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