Iannis Delatolas



Iannis Delatolas is a Greek photographer living in New York City. His pictures give a darkly beautiful view of places and people in a condition that is both characteristic and self-expressive. His subjects neither hide nor pose. The light is purely natural; there are no special effects, nothing is arranged nor manipulated -- just a steady gaze on a world that needs no help in being itself.

He was born in Germany of Greek immigrant workers; his early environment was the industrial landscape around Düsseldorf. Big old abandoned buildings seen at night became a metaphor for something very personal for him -- loss and abandonment, relics of lives and dreams.

In his own words: “The first time I saw the night work that Bill Brandt made in the blackouts in London during WWII, I knew I wanted to make images in the dark. I was seduced by the subtle tonalities in these images. It was as if one could see more in these night photographs shot in the moonlight than was visible in daytime photographs. I am often surprised by the detail I can pull out of my nighttime negatives, even from what appears totally dark to a fleeting glance. Upon a longer view, darkness becomes familiar and forms appear. When there is little light available, it’s as if I light the scenes, and the world is a stage.”