The Other Greece


The exhibition can be seen at the Gallery through May 28, 2012, and thereafter it can be accessed on line.  The online version will provide information about participating artists.

“The Other Greece”, focuses on the many positive and significant Greek contributions to art, music, and literature.  The exhibition features artists of Hellenic descent as well as those from other countries in their expressions of solidarity with their colleagues in Greece.

The exhibition was organized to benefit art and education through the Fulbright Foundation Greece.  A portion of all sales are earmarked to support the Foundation Scholarship Program.  This amount is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Since 1948, the Fulbright Foundation ( has awarded scholarships to more than 4,700 beneficiaries.  It goes without saying that the continuity and growth of these programs could not be possible without the generosity and philanthropy of corporations, foundations, institutions and most of all, individuals.